April 13, 2022

Hit the ground running…

We came into 2022 with lofty goals, and we’re well on our way! We have lot to share with you today and it’s only the beginning.

Real-Time Vehicle Data. Our development team has been working closely with HomeNet to bring real time data to Streamline via API. Previously, data updated twice daily. This change will make updates throughout the day ensuring the most accurate inventory list possible.

“Extra Cash” Update. At Streamline, our core shop-by-budget functionality is based on a conglomerate of lender guidelines, producing a list of recommended vehicles for your customers. This means we are intentionally NOT penny perfect or specific to any one lender. With that being said, when generating a list of recommended vehicles, we were displaying a very specific dollar amount for extra cash needed for the deal. This was confusing as it is still an estimate. In this release you’ll notice “Extra Cash” is now a range, e.g. up to $1,000 which is more reflective of the vehicle selection stage of the sales process.  This will give your team confidence they are setting the right expectations with your customers.

User Interface and General Updates. In addition to all that, we made some subtle UI changes preparing for our next release (hint, hint), updated default sorting to be more dealer and customer friendly, and increased system speed.