December 2nd, 2021

Sneak peak…

This is a big one:

  • Salesperson View, first. We updated our app to default to Salesperson View. Manager View still exists, but we discovered from our users that discounting cars is last resort.
  • We had a lot of feedback from managers that they wanted to see profit and cost in Salesperson View. We took that feedback to heart. Now, managers will see all the necessary information in their search. Don’t worry, though, you can still add or hide columns as you need by adjusting the view.
  • Bug squashing for days…over the last year we prioritized new features over some small bugs in our system. We took extra care this release to fix many of those bugs, and make sure we don’t introduce new ones. The team working on this is proud to deliver a nice “clean” version of our app this time around.
  • We released more changes to set us up for the amazing updates before the end of the year. We promise it’s worth all the suspense.