April 20th, 2021

Shiny new engine…

Although you may not notice a lot of changes, we’ve been spending a lot of time under-the-hood making sure Streamline functions at its best. This release is all about setting us up for some big updates coming soon! Two things you may notice, even though it doesn’t change how the engine runs (yet), are:

  • Out with Consumer View, in with Salesperson View – This will become more clear in the next update, but essentially it’s a new title with the same results.
  • Vehicle Search Report – We made a few design edits, as well as made the PDF printable. Read, “Gone with the awkward layout.”
  • J.D. Power Regional Values – Dealers can now set one of the J.D. Power 10 US Regions by rooftop for booking out vehicles in Streamline. Accuracy. Bam!